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Stock My Stuffing

Stuff My Stocking


We are excited to offer "Stuff My Stocking" for our quilters.   This is the perfect opportunity to help your family get that perfect gift for you!

Quilters are amazing!  Over the past year we have watched you give of your time (lots of it), your talent, and your treasure.

Sometimes people do not see all the time it takes to make these beautiful quilts.  We have watched you pick out your quilt top fabric and patterns, or walk in with your quilt top done to search for that perfect backing and binding.  Some of you have scheduled time on our longarm rentals to quilt your top.  Others have used our longarm quilting services to finish that beautiful quilt. There have been t-shirt quilts worked on, camping themed quilts, children’s quilts, heirloom quilts and many more.  Every quilt has a story and we love hearing them.

I am sure you are super busy stuffing stockings for your family.  Let us help your family “pick” that perfect item for you. 


Our staff has worked hard on purchasing the perfect items.  All items are on sale!

We will have a new item every day for sale.  We will send an email and make a Facebook starting Monday, December 7, 2020, every day for 12 days.  The last day for "Stuff My Stocking" will be Friday, December 18, 2020.  For the fun of this sale, we will not tell you how many of each item there are...they are limited.  You will need to call the store (402-884-2096) to have that item put in your Stocking (or Christmas bag). If an item is sold out, we will let you know on Facebook.  As a special gift to you, we will wrap these gifts so you or your family member will not have to!

Now it is time to sit back and let us help you (or your family), make your Christmas holiday super special as you unwrap your items from "Stuff My Stocking" at Fabric Bash.


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