My Favorite Quilting Tools I Use Every Day 

My favorite quilting tools list is a list of two.  The first one I love to use all the time and the second one I have grown to love. 


scissors in a person's handQuilters love a good pair of scissors.  If you are like most quilters, you will have many scissors that are your favorite quilting tool.  There are scissors that are long, skinny, pointing, rounded, serrated, pinking shears, just for cutting batting and many more options. When our Checker representative visits, he usually shows us the latest scissors that are selling.

Scissors are so crucial to quilters that we have a pair on each longarm rental in our store. 

My favorite tools, scissors

My favorite pair of scissors are these cuties.   While they are pleasing to my eye, they are also excellent in cutting thread on the quilts that I longarm, plus they help me with thread on the longarm rentals as well. I love the way they fit my fingers, are comfortable to hold, and fit perfectly into my back pocket.  I put them there so I won’t lose them when I walk around the store. Today I could not remember where I put them last night, so I spent half the day looking for them and just “putting” up with another pair of scissors until I found my favorite quilting tool.

My Seam Ripper

I was surprised this was one my list.  When I was thinking about this blog post, I thought long and hard about my favorite tool. Sometimes our ideal tool is not one I like to use every day, but sometimes we use it several times a day.  Or on terrible days, have it in my pocket too! 

There are all kinds of seam rippers.  Ones with big fat handles, skinny ones, ones with blades, and now we are getting a seam ripper this week that has a blade that can retract. Now that might be perfect for my back pocket.  

My favorite tools, seam rippers

The reason I have put the seam ripper on my favorite quilting tools list is straightforward.  It takes away my mistakes. It gives me a do-over or lets me start again. For this reason alone, I love this quilting tool. I must admit, though, that when I am using my seam ripper, I am usually not happy.  The sign that states, “If you see a seam ripper in my hand, now is not the time,” is perfect. Maybe I have a love-hate relationship with my seam ripper.

Last month, while I was teaching a free motion skills builder class, one of my students made a perfect joke, “Unsewing is a Skill.”  I have my seam ripper to thank for this skill.



Seam Rippers for sale.

We even have seam rippers for sale in the store. Who doesn’t need another seam ripper? I am always looking for one.


What are your favorite quilting tools?  I would love to hear why you picked them.


Carpe Quiltem (Seize the Quilt)