UFO’s – (Unfinished Objects)

It is hard to admit we have UFO’s (Unfinished Objects). We all have them and probably will always will. I think this is a good thing.  


When we have unfinished objects, that usually means we are busy.  This is good for us. Studies show that keeping busy helps older people test better on memory skills. 

Too Many UFO’s

So you are buried in UFO’s? We have a solution for you.  We have open sew several times a month. If you want to see the times and dates for open sew, click here. (have asked for a calendar to be added to our web page.) Open Sew is a time when you can come in and work on those projects. Friendships have formed over this bond of unfinished projects. 


I have watched ladies who come in for open sew once a week here at the store.  They are all working hard on their unfinished objects. There is support given to all who come in.  Over the past few weeks, some unfished objects have turned into amazing quilts during Open Sew. 

Completed UNFO’s

Jeanine sat and put her final touches on this beautiful embroidery wall hanging. It was so much fun watching her as she finished this fun wall hanging.

Jeanine’s finished UFO





Liz has just finished piecing this fantastic quilt top.  She would work on this unfinished project for several hours, then would work on another project for part of the day.  It took her several weeks to complete, but she did! One for the books. 

Liz’s almost done unfinished object





Helping Hands is a group that is always working on projects.  Angie makes sure they will all get done. It is pretty amazing watching this group completed their projects. 

Helping Hands

We recently purchased new chairs for our sewing space, which we call the Cozy Corner.  It is essential to us that everyone is comfortable. Everyone loves the modern chairs.  There is more room, and the splash of color is fantastic.

New Chairs for Cozy Corner

If you are finding yourself with a significant amount of UFO’s, find a place where you go and go with friends. They help you stay accountable, and you will get you unfished objects done so you can buy more fabric! 

Interested in renting a longarm? Click this link to get started! Longarm Quilting Rental

If you are in the area, you are always welcome at Fabric Bash.