My Favorite Quilting Machine. Meet Millie. 

Oh, how I love my favorite quilting machine.  She sings to me almost every day. Her name? Millie.  Yes, I have an APQS Millenium Longarm Quilting Machine. Now, she is not my first longarm. But she sure is my most favorite machine.  Molly was my first longarm. She was named that by her previous owner. Molly was a great machine to learn on, and she helped me establish my business.  Our relationship helped me fall in love with longarm quilting. I will say, though, we fought quite a bit. Mostly over tension. 


Millie has arrived

Then Millie came into my life.  When ordering her last December, I was like a little girl.  Giggling and smiling all day long. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive.  The day finally came, February 13, 2019! With her arrival, more giggles, squeals, and smiles came. The first few minutes after she was all set up, I just stood back and admired her. Then, I got right down to it and tatted her up! Yes, you heard me right. I put some great tattoos on her to make her mine. Now she had a bit of flair. My favorite machine was uniquely mine.

Tattooed Millie




Our relationship has grown over the past ten months.  We were on a learning curve. Once when I broke a couple of needles, she didn’t complain too much.  One of those needles breaks upset Millie, and her timing was off. With a call to the wonderful ladies at APQS Maintenace Department, we had her back to new in no time. I was sad about the needle breaks, but Millie moved on rather quickly and never said a bad word about me. As for tension arguments, there hasn’t been any. I love her for that!

Millie’s brain, Quilt Path

Millie’s brain, we call it Quilt Path, is brilliant! Every day I am amazed at what Millie’s mind can do. It can guide Millie on an edge to edge journey perfectly, walk around a block or border, stitch part way, plot out a whole pattern, or trace it. I can even make my designs for Millie to drive. 




I am learning to listen to my favorite machine more.   Millie likes to take a few things slower than I do, and that is good.  In life, I tend to move rather fast and she helps me to slow down to watch the stitching happen. There is something so soothing in my soul when she is humming away. It is always a great day when Millie and I are together, working side by side.  I can’t imagine my life without her. 


Happy Stitching,