My Sewing Space

My sewing space has dramatically increased over the past year.  I used to work from home. I had a longarm in the basement. My family and I would laugh and make fun of my work area because it was under the stairs.  So, I guess I can say I was like “Harry Potter.” 

My sewing space at home.

In January of 2019, we purchased a quilting store.  Instantly my sewing space grew! Now I had 3,000 square feet filled with Janome machines, 5 APQS machines, and FABRIC! Pinch me.  There was still plenty of work to be done.  


Jacob, my business partner, and I immediately began thinking about remodeling the store.  We closed for one week at the end of March to remodel. It was so much work, but worth it. Now the store was ours.  Our vision had come true. 

The Remodel

Soon after the remodel, we realized we could add more fabric. My husband got to work and build another shelving unit to add over 500 bolts of fabric.  Did we stop there? Of course, not, extra fabric baskets on top of the shelf looked fabulous.

My latest sewing space


I love my sewing space. It has an open feeling surrounded by fabric, wood, and metal.  I grew up in Colorado, and my taste in decor is that of a lodge in the woods engulfed in pine trees. That is what I am trying to make my new sewing space emulate.  If only we had a mountain outside my window.


There is one thing I have learned over the last year changing my sewing space; there is always room for improvement.  Don’t be afraid to change your sewing space. We had to move five longarms around and find space for them. Many hours were spent talking and debating on how the new space would look. If we didn’t like the way it looked, we moved it around till we did. Even after the remodeling was complete, we had to use the sewing space to make sure it was feasible. Some minor shuffling was needed after we settle into the remodel.  

Now we are dreaming of a bigger and improved sewing space.  It will be a long time till then, but it never hurts to dream!