Do You Have Quilting Fabric?

Our number one question is “Do you have quilting fabric?’ Yes, we do!  And we are adding more quilting fabric!  Fabric is way too fun.

When we started Fabric Bash we only had 250 bolts of fabric, mostly wide backing.  Before we closed for our remodeling in March, we discussed several options of where and how to add quilting fabric. My husband built our shelves for our wide fabric and we purchased shelves for our 42 wide quilting fabric. Our store was coming together.  At our grand reopening, it was fun to show everyone our new fabric.

Omaha’s Go-To Resource for Quilting Fabric

It was not long after the reopening that we saw another opportunity to add another shelf unit for more than 500 bolts of fabric.  Again, my husband got busy and made another shelf.  The quilting fabric fits perfectly.  It was super fun to watch our customer’s reactions to the addition. What could be more fun than more fabric?

We are just back from our first Quilt Market in Houston.  As a matter of fact, the whole staff went.  The decision to take everyone on staff was not taken lightly.  We needed to learn as much as we could in the short few days of the market.  Four different personalities and ways of learning helped us to learn the most that we could. Also, with four people, we could divide and conquer the classes offered.  The long drive home was a long staff meeting.  Everyone talked about what they learned and how we could apply that to our store.

The best part of Quilt Market was being around all the great new products and new fabric.  We are looking forward to having some of these new products in our store.

Yes, we have quilting fabric.  We have over 250 bolts of wide backing and over 1,000 bolts of 44” wide fabric. Stop in and check out our selection. You just never know when we will add more!